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These 5 Types of Online Fraud You Should Avoid


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Previously, the platform has talk about "The Mystery of the 7-Year Death of Akseyna, University of Indonesia Student", you may read also "Phryne Case: Free From The Death Penalty By Asking For Forgiveness" or "How To Report Online Scammer Or Fraud To The Police In Indonesia", or "Contoh Jawaban Gugatan Perdata" and on this occasion we will discuss about 'These 5 Types of Online Fraud You Should Avoid'. This article fully taken from, titled: "5 Modus Penipuan Online Ini Kerap Terjadi, Pernah Mengalami?" as stated in the reference.

The development of the digital world not only provides many conveniences, but also provides opportunities for criminal acts such as fraud. One of them is rampant, for example online fraud in financial transactions. For this reason, the public needs to increase vigilance by understanding the types of online fraud in order to avoid this crime. Quoted from the official FBI website, here are the various modes of online fraud and how to avoid them.[1]


One practice that is often found is phishing. This practice is a technique used to trick the victim by providing a link or email that looks like a real one to get the victim's personal information.[2]

Because the given link or email address looks very similar, people are often trapped to click on the link. After that, the perpetrators can freely take personal data of their victims. The personal data that can be obtained by these perpetrators are in the form of email or application passwords, credit card numbers, to ATM PINs.[3]

Money Mule

The practice of Money Mule can be defined as the act of transferring illegally obtained money on behalf of another person. The money is generally obtained from crimes such as from fraud to the sale of prohibited goods.[4]

In practice, people who transfer money to other bank accounts will get a commission. This is done in order to launder the money obtained illegally which is difficult to track down by the police.[5]


Similar to phishing, this practice uses a link, website address, or email address that is similar to the intended party. The difference is, this practice disguises the site by distinguishing one letter or character in the address so that it looks very similar.[6]

Victims of spoofing generally do not feel that the intended party is actually a fake. Thus, the perpetrators of spoofing can freely interact with their victims as if they were the intended party.[7]


In short, sniffing is a crime in the form of wiretapping. The perpetrators usually take advantage of public network access. From the data traffic on the public network, the perpetrators can capture the data of their victims using special tools.[8]

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a manipulation technique that utilizes the victim's human error to obtain personal information in the form of access or other important matters. The perpetrators usually observe the behavior and take advantage of the negligence of the victim.[9]

Simply put, the perpetrators take advantage of the victim's lack of knowledge when accessing the internet. The main purpose of the perpetrators, apart from taking personal information, is also to sabotage important data owned by the victim.[10] And if you are one of the many victims of online scams in Indonesia, contact us, feel free in 24 hour, we will be happy to assist you. 

*) For further information please contact:
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Law Office
Jakarta - Indonesia.


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