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Phryne Case, Free From The Death Penalty By Asking For Forgiveness


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Previously, the platform has talk about "Trial of Socrates", you may read also "Complaints Post for Victims of Illegal Trading Robots" and on this occasion we will discuss about 'Phryne Case, Free From The Death Penalty By Asking For Forgiveness'.

The law applies to everyone indiscriminately. That's bullshit, because Phryne, an ancient Greek prostitute woman, escaped the death penalty just because she was beautiful. This means that the law doesn't work for someone who is beautiful, like Phryne, even though it's clear that she has committed a crime.[1]

In Ancient Greece, Phryne was known as a top entertainer. Many are crazy about Phryne, because she has a beautiful face and a curvaceous body. Once upon a time, Phryne stumbled upon a serious case. She was brought before the court on the death penalty. Phryne was helpless and she was left waiting for her fate in the courtroom. However, Phryne has an intelligent defender named Hyperides.[2]

During the trial Phryne and Hyperides listened to all charges without interrupting or interrupting. It was their turn to defend themselves, Phryne and Hyperides didn't say much. Then Hyperides whispered a sentence in Phryne's ear. The girl nodded and confidently walked to the front of the court. Shortly after standing up, Phryne immediately took off the clothes she was wearing one by one. Phryne finally naked without a single thread attached to her body. What Phryne did was actually pornographic category. But what happened? After being naked, Phryne approached the judges one by one, begging for forgiveness.[3]

A judge then said: "I don't think I can punish God's creation as beautiful as this". The judge's decision was later approved by the other judges. Phryne is finally free from the death penalty. Yes, it seems that Phryne is immune from the law only with her facial beauty and body beauty. From that case, the law applies to everyone indiscriminately, it turns out to be nonsense.[4]

There are several things that we must pay attention carefully in reading this case, first, it needs to be reiterated that Phryne did not escape the law, she only escaped the death penalty. This means that if it can be compared with the conditions of the current criminal trial, he has escaped the maximum charge submitted by the Prosecutor. Second, Phryne made a legal defense through an apology and forgiveness for the mistakes she had made in court. In a criminal trial, this is possible. Third, about being naked in court when asking for forgiveness, according to the author, this is just a condiment or a kind of trick in addition, because it is directly proportional to her profession as a prostitute. And if you need an attorneys to defend your rights on trial, contact us, feel free in 24 hour, we will be happy to assist you. 

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