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The Mystery of the 7-Year Death of Akseyna, University of Indonesia Student


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Previously, the platform has talk about "Phryne Case: Free From The Death Penalty By Asking For Forgiveness", you may read also "Trial of Socrates" and on this occasion we will discuss about 'The Mystery of the 7-Year Death of Akseyna, University of Indonesia Student'. This article is entirely taken from with the title: "Misteri 7 Tahun Kematian Mahasiswa UI Akseyna yang Belum Juga Terungkap..."as attached reference.

On Saturday (26/3/2022), the death of a young man named Akseyna Ahad Dori (19) has just entered the seventh year. Based on the records of, Akseyna was found lifeless in Kenanga Lake, University of Indonesia (UI), Depok, West Java, on March 26, 2015. Akseyna is a student majoring in Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UI. When first discovered, the victim was suspected of committing suicide.[1]

Later, the police investigating Akseyna's death stated that Akseyna was a murder victim. However, until now the case has not been revealed.[2]

Identified From The Nose

At that time, Akseyna's body was found by a UI student named Roni in a floating position in Lake Kenangan around 09.00 WIB. The discovery of Akseyna's body has attracted the attention of a number of people. Residents then gathered at the scene of the incident. At first, no one knew that the figure of the corpse was Akseyna because none of the identities were listed. The victim was seen still using a backpack containing a number of stones suspected to have drowned the body. The body was taken to the Kramatjati Police Hospital, East Jakarta, for identification.[3]

At that time, the Head of Criminal Investigation at the Depok Police, Kompol Agus Salim, said that at the same time the body was found, Akseyna's parents were looking for her son's whereabouts. At that time, Akseyna's parents contacted the police and then came from Yogyakarta to Jakarta to identify the body at the Kramatjari Police Hospital. The family confirmed that the body was that of Akseyna, who was identified by the shape of the victim's nose, clothes and shoes.[4]

"When the family examined the victim's body, there was a physical resemblance to the shape of the victim's nose. In addition, the clothes and shoes given by the parents added to the family's belief that it was indeed their child," Agus said on March 31, 2015.[5]

There Was a Will 

At that time the victim allegedly committed suicide because The police, who are investigating the case, found a will on the wall of Akseyna's boarding room. "Temporary suspicion of suicide. We found some kind of will from the victim," said Agus. The will was handwritten in English which implied the victim's final message.[6]
The letter reads "Will not return for please don't search for existence, my apologies for everything enternally." "The writing is in English. The point is, the victim doesn't want to be found and (asks) for an apology," said Agus. The letter was then investigated by the Forensic Laboratory Center (Puslabfor). The results showed that the writing was identical to Akeyna's handwriting.[7]


Akseyna's father, Colonel (Sus) Mardoto, saw a number of irregularities regarding the death of his son. There were bruises on Akseyna's body. The presence of a number of stones found in the victim's bag was also suspected by the father. Apart from that, Mardoto is not sure that the piece of paper that his son is supposed to have written was a will. "If you commit suicide, you don't need to do something as complicated as that (writing a will)," said Mardoto.[8]

Alleged as a Murder Victim

The police did not stop at that time. A number of witnesses, evidence, and the results of the post-mortem were re-examined. Investigators also summoned expert witness graphologist from the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation Deborah Dewi to provide information regarding the handwriting of the letter.[9]

As a result, Deborah stated that the handwriting on the letter was not Akseyna's. Police later believed Akseyna was the victim of a murder. "What can be known is that the death toll is suspected not to have been a suicide," said the Director of General Crime Investigation at the Metro Jaya Police at the time, Commissioner Krishna Murti.[10]

Another thing that strengthens the suspicion is the post-mortem which concluded that Akseyna was allegedly unconscious before being plunged into the lake. In Akseyna's lungs there is also water and sand. It will not be found if the victim can not breathe. In addition, there was a tear in the heel of Akseyna's shoe, strengthening the suspicion that there was an attempt to drag the victim. Krishna then again doubts that Akseyna died by suicide. "The lake is shallow. If he committed suicide, why not plunge into the sea. Drowning himself is a very slow process of suicide. If you want to kill yourself, why not just jump off the roof of the building," said Krisha.[11]

Even though they were sure that Akseyna was the victim of a murder, the police had difficulty solving the case. The police said that the disclosure of this case was quite difficult because the condition of the place where the victim died had been damaged due to being entered by unauthorized persons. Thus, the case of Aksey's death is still a mystery to this day.[12]

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