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The Police Succeeded in Uncovering The Mode of the Wowon Cs. Murder Case Which Ended up Being a Serial Killer


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Previously, the platform has talk about "Be Careful Using AI, You Will be in Trouble for Citing Non-existent Jurisprudence", "The Mystery of the 7-Year Death of Akseyna, University of Indonesia Student", you may read also "The Murder Case of Anjani Bee, which is Still a Mystery" and on this occasion we will discuss about 'The police succeeded in uncovering the mode of the Wowon Cs murder case which ended up being a serial killer'.

The Police succeeded in uncovering the mode of the serial killer case by Wowon Erawan (60) and friends. Wowon cs.apparently immediately executed the victims when they were asked for the results of 'doubling the money'. Polda Metro Jaya Dirkrimum Kombes Hengki Haryadi explained that the perpetrators collected funds from the victims with the lure of doubling the money. Some of the victims were migrant workers who had sent money. They were hysterical when they found out that Wowon cs. were in fact the suspects in the serial killings in Bekasi and Cianjur.[1]

The police are still investigating migrant workers who have made money transfer transactions with Wowon. There are TKW (migrant workers) who have sent money to Wowon since several years ago. For information, the suspect Wowon assisted Solihin alias Duloh (63) and Dede Sholehudin alias Dede (34) in carrying out his actions. Dede's job is to collect funds from the migrant workers. Meanwhile, Duloh is a shaman who claims to be able to multiply money. The TKW dared to transfer the money because they were promised that when they returned to Indonesia, they would get a nice house and double the money. The police found funds of up to IDR 1 billion from Dede's account. Dede allegedly collected funds from the victim because the ATM was owned by Wowon. The funds were transferred to an account in the name of Dede Sholehudin. Dede was originally a victim, then he became a suspect in this case.[2]

Not only from the TKW (migrant workers), the total number of victims who were killed, namely 9 people, were still related to Wowon's family. The victims were killed by being given poisoned coffee, strangled, and so on. The victims killed in Bekasi were Ai Maemunah (40), Wowon's wife. Then there are Ridwan and Riswandi who are the children of Ai Maemunah and her ex-husband Didin. Furthermore, the victim who was killed in Cianjur was Noneng, Wowon's father-in-law. Then Wiwin, who is Wowon's first wife and stepdaughter. Plus Bayu as the son of Ai Maemunah and Wowon.[3]

Not only that, Farida, a migrant worker, and Halimah, the wife of 'Siri' Wowon, the mother of Ai Maemunah, were also killed in Bekasi. Furthermore, the victim who was killed and buried in Surabaya was Siti as a migrant worker by being thrown into the sea. It is also known that Siti, a migrant worker, ordered her mother-in-law, Noneng, to push Siti into the sea. Siti and Farida are suspected to be the first victims of the series of killings. Residents of Siti's body were found and buried in Garut.[4] And if you have any legal issue in Indonesia territory, contact us then, feel free in 24 hour, we will be happy to assist you. 

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