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The Murder Case of Anjani Bee, which is Still a Mystery


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It's been nearly nine months since the death of Marwah Sofiyah alias 'Anjani Bee' whose body was found in the ditch in front of the hotel in Lembang, West Bandung, last March 5 has not yet been revealed. The body of the woman with the 'owl' tattoo, who is a resident of Karajan Village, Karang Hegar Village, Pabuaran District, Subang Regency, was found horribly, covered in sheets and black plastic. Police found a neck wound and bruises on the face.[1]

AKBP (Adjutant chief commissioner of police) M. Yoris Maulana Yusuf Marzuki, who at that time served as the Head of the Cimahi Police, said that this case was difficult to uncover because of a lack of evidence. "We lack witnesses and there is no CCTV at the location where the bodies were disposed of. So we cannot direct the perpetrators of the disposal and murder of the victim," Yoris said, Sunday (26/7/20'). In this incident, the police have examined more than 100 witnesses, including the online taxi driver who last took the victim. "We have examined nearly 120 people but none have been conclusive. We have tried to break all their alibis, but it is still not clear. We have examined all of our close friends, girlfriends and family," said Yoris.[2]

Apart from that, the police also received information that the day before the unfortunate incident, Anjani Bee had met a man in front of a hotel in the city of Bandung. The police immediately checked the list of guests staying the day Anjani Bee met the mysterious man, but nothing. "We have checked all the hotel rooms and even checked one by one the list of guests who stayed that day and the previous day. But nothing leads to the suspected man we are after," he explained. Finally, on November 6, 2020, the Police still have not received any developments regarding this case.[3]

Head of the Cimahi Police Criminal Investigation Unit (Kasatreskrim): AKP (Assistant commissioner of police) Yohannes Redhoi Sigiro said that until now his party was still carrying out developments. But there has been no result that can bring it closer to the perpetrators of this sadistic murder. "Until now, we are still continuing to investigate where, who, and when the victim was killed. But indeed there has been no significant progress," Yohannes said when contacted by detik.com. According to him, it is suspected that the perpetrators of the Anjanii Bee murder were more than one person and were highly trained because the murder was carried out in a very neat manner so that they could disguise the traces of the perpetrators. "Our suspicion is that there was more than one person and was organised. There were different roles for the perpetrators, from those who executed them to those who disposed of the victims. But we are continuing to make efforts to uncover this case," he concluded.[4] And if you have any legal issue in Indonesia territory, contact us then, feel free in 24 hour, we will be happy to assist you. 

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