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The Case of the Money Multiplier Shaman in Indonesia: Dimas Kanjeng


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This case of money multiplier shaman which leading to murder is not the first time has happened in Indonesia. One of the money multiplier shaman cases that has shocked the public is 'Taat Pribadi' alias Dimas Kanjeng. Dimas Kanjeng was arrested on September 22, 2016. Dimas Kanjeng's cover was exposed after he ordered people to kill two of his followers, Ismail Hidayah and Abdul Gani. The reason was because Ismail was considered to have harmed the Dimas Kanjeng Taat Pribadi Padepokan (a place for learning and training, as well as a residence for warriors in the world of martial arts), namely exposing the hermitage's disgrace.[1]

On 2 February 2015, Ismail was finally killed on Paiton Street, Probolinggo. After that, Ismail's body was buried in Tegalsono Village, Probolinggo, in a burial pit that had been prepared beforehand. As it turned out, on February 5, 2015, residents found Ismail's body. Slowly, the murder case was revealed. This gang of murders ordered by Dimas Kanjeng caused a commotion and exposed the cover of Padepokan Dimas Kanjeng. Apart from Ismail, Dimas Kanjeng also killed Abdul Gani. He is the Chairman of the Padepokan Dimas Kanjeng Foundation. Abdul Gani's body was found on April 14 2016 in the Gajah Mungkur Reservoir, Wonogiri, Central Java. The day before, he was killed in Probolinggo.[2]

It took about 5 months for the Police to uncover. The perpetrators admitted that they dumped Abdul Gani's body in Wonogiri because the victim Ismal Hidayat, who was killed and buried in Probolinggo, was found out. Abdul Gani was killed for tarnishing the good name of the Dimas Kanjeng hermitage. "The victim often bad-mouthed the leader of Dimas Kanjeng outside the hermitage by saying that there were many people who obeyed the person, but they were not given it to the person who lent the money to double it. If the money was there, why not just give it? That's what the victim said to other people," explained the Head of Sub-Directorate for Jatanras Diteskrimum Polda Jatim at that time, AKBP Taufik Herdiansyah. The nine perpetrators of the murder were ordered by Dimas Kanjeng. They are members of the Protection Team who become Dimas Kanjeng's trusted people. They got paid IDR 320 million. Each perpetrator received IDR 30-40 million.[3]

The arrest of Dimas Kanjeng was recorded to have occurred during the era of the East Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Anton Setiadji. In his confession, Anton admitted that it was indeed difficult to catch Dimas Kanjeng. This is because the risk of clashing with his followers and causing casualties is very likely to occur. To catch Dimas Kanjeng, Anton said he had launched a 'silent operation'. This operation has even been prepared in detail for two months before the execution. The goal is to avoid casualties from both sides.[4] And if you have any legal issue in Indonesia territory, contact us then, feel free in 24 hour, we will be happy to assist you. 

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