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The Case of the Money Multiplier Shaman in Indonesia: Abah Yanto


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Previously, the platform has talk about "The Case of the Money Multiplier Shaman in Indonesia: Slamet Tohari", "How to Open a Police Report in Indonesia?", you may read also "How To Report Online Scammer Or Fraud To The Police In Indonesia" and on this occasion we will discuss about 'The Case of the Money Multiplier Shaman in Indonesia: Abah Yanto'.

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The Figure of Abah Yanto

Abah Yanto (initial MY) apparently performed a money doubling ritual in Ngabetan Village, Cerme, Gresik. Meanwhile, the house of the Police visited was where he lived. There, he lived with Aimatul Choiriyah (31), who is known to be his young wife. Mentioned that the back room of Abah Yanto's house, was used as a place to receive his patients. He is also known to have a new car and a driver. This was revealed by the Chairman of the Perum Grand Verona Association, Edo Prasetya Saputra.[1]

Edo added that every day, Abah Yanto used a wheelchair because he had a stroke. Every morning, he said, the shaman was basking in the hot sun. Its existence is said to have made residents uneasy. This is because patients who come and go do not know the time, including early in the morning. Even though he had been warned, Abah Yanto remained silent. He was also, called by Edo, did not submit population data and was not active in citizen activities.[2]

Abah Yanto Known as a Money Multiplier Shaman

Abah Yanto is known as a shaman who can multiply money with 'blood rituals'. He claimed to have followers in several cities in East Java. Instead of multiple the money, he actually deceived his victims who hoped that their money would be multiplied. So, what kind of blood ritual was performed by Abah Yanto to double the money?[3]

When arresting Abah Yanto at his rented house, on Tuesday (10/1/2023) early morning, the Police found dozens of bags of blood. It is known, there were around 34 bags of human blood measuring 200 cc and 250 cc which were confiscated. Not only that, the Police also found fake toy money that was used by Abah Yanto to return the victim's money. Later, a number of daggers were also found that were used by the shaman in performing rituals. Based on the interim investigation, Abah Yanto admitted to the Police that the blood was used as an offering for 'jenglot' (miniature humans as amulets in shamanic rituals). This statement was conveyed by Head of the Gresik Police, Lutfi Hadi, at the Gresik Police Headquarters, Wednesday (11/1/2023).[4]

Abah Yanto Involved in Fraud and Embezzlement of Funds. In fact, MY was arrested on suspicion of fraud and embezzlement. This action was only revealed after one of the victims reported it to the Police. The victim had handed over IDR 565 million in two months. Abah Yanto promised to double the money to IDR. 3.9 billion in September 2022. However, he refused and only returned the victim's money of IDR. 170 million. In refunded money, the top and bottom are real money. While the rest is fake toy money.[5] And if you have any legal issue in Indonesia territory, contact us then, feel free in 24 hour, we will be happy to assist you. 

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