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Strange Case, Assault Because Forgetting To Say Wedding Anniversary


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Previously, the platform has talk about "Contoh Perjanjian Perkawinan Pisah Harta", "Strange Case, Robbing IDR 345.000,- Then Hide in a Cave for 14 Years", you may read also "Totally Weird Case, Police Officer Steals a Police Motorbike at the Police Station" and on this occasion we will discuss about 'Strange Case, Assault Because Forgetting To Say Wedding Anniversary'.

A 32-year-old man in India was recently beaten by his own wife and in-laws. This happened after the husband and wife got into a fight. An argument broke out because the husband forgot to wish his wife on their wedding anniversary. The incident occurred in Mumbai City on Sunday (19/1/2023) or the day after their wedding anniversary. As reported by The Hindustan Times on Tuesday (21/2/2023), local police officers revealed that the wife was angry with her husband for not remembering their wedding anniversary.[1]

Local Police officers said the wife was angry with her husband for not remembering their wedding anniversary. The 27-year-old woman then called her parents and brother to where she lived with her husband. When they arrived, the four men attacked the man and damaged his vehicle. Senior Inspector of Ghatkopar Police Station, Sanjay Dahake, said the four perpetrators have been charged with assault.[2]

He ensured the Police would look into the matter and take legal action against them. The Indian man who was the victim of the beating of his wife and in-laws was identified as Vishal Nangre. He works as a driver for a courier company. Meanwhile his wife, whose name is Kalpana, works at a food outlet. The couple got married in 2018 and they live in Baiganwadi, Govandi. Nangre said he had a fight with his wife after forgetting their wedding anniversary on February 18.[3]

The following night, while he was washing vehicles near his home, his wife suddenly attacked him after work. Nangre said his mother was also a victim of an attack by the Kalpana family. The wife then said she didn't want to live with him anymore. The wife's parents and brother then came to her house after being contacted by Kalpana. At that moment, his brother-in-law was found to have damaged Nangre's vehicle and broken the windows of his house.[4]

Setelah kejadian itu, kedua keluarga sebenarnya sempat mencoba membicarakan persoalan yang terjadi di rumah ibu Nangre di Ghatkopar West. Namun, keadaan kembali memanas dan Kalpana sampai menampar ibu mertuanya yang mengakibatkan perselisihan lebih lanjut yang berakhir dengan Nangre dan ibunya dipukuli. Setelah pergi ke rumah sakit Rajawadi terdekat bersama ibunya, Nangre kemudian melapor ke polisi. Polisi India telah menyatakan bahwa mereka sedang menyelidiki kasus tersebut.[5] And if you have any legal issue in Indonesia territory, contact us then, feel free in 24 hour, we will be happy to assist you. 

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