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Foreign Tourists Working Illegally in Bali


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Previously, the www.hukumindo.com platform has talk about "Contoh Gugatan Pra Peradilan Alasan Status Tersangka", "Totally Weird Case, Police Officer Steals a Police Motorbike at the Police Station", you may read also "Another Unique Case, Judge Marrying Divorce Plaintiff Becomes Second Wife" and on this occasion we will discuss about 'Foreign Tourists Working Illegally in Bali'.

Deputy Governor of Bali Tjok Oka Sukawati or Cok Ace has known many foreign tourists working illegally on the island of Bali. Whatever they do, including selling vegetables. The majority of tourists who work illegally come from Russia and Ukraine. From a search conducted by an account on Instagram named @moskow_cabang_Bali, which later went viral, it shows the activity of foreign tourists teaching fellow foreigners to ride motorbikes. Allegedly, the Caucasians charge for this activity.[1]

Apart from that, the account also cuts many recordings of social media accounts of foreign tourists in Bali offering photographer, tattoo and salon services and others. "When it comes to photography related to weddings, it is very difficult. Sometimes there are (foreign) couples who do their weddings in Bali or only have receptions in Bali. They usually stick together, invite photographers (from their countries), because they think that only these photographers (from their country) who understands his culture," said Cok Ace, when met at the Bali DPRD (Regional House of representative) Building. "How can a good angle be taken. (But) as long as the licensing requirements are met, there is a permit for bringing in equipment and then he works in Indonesia and of course coordinates with immigration," he added.[2]

Cok Ace also said that the work of a tour guide should not be done by foreigners. Moreover, he came to Bali on a tourist visa. "This means that people who do not have the right to operate as guides in Bali are not allowed to do that," said Cok Ace. Cok Ace said that Russian and Ukrainian tourists working illegally in Bali could potentially increase if the war does not end soon. This is because the citizens of the two countries left their countries to avoid war. "(Russia and Ukraine) among others. That is actually also illegal, especially now that the world's conditions are happening abroad and compared to Bali, it is safe and comfortable and cheap," he said. "Therefore, we must move. I heard from the reports below that many of them even participated in trading, selling vegetables, selling to their friends, he took them at the market and sold them to his friends, we have not taken action on this" he added.[3] And if you have any legal issue in Indonesia territory, contact us then, feel free in 24 hour, we will be happy to assist you. 

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