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Cases of Possession of Fake ID Cards and Family Cards in Bali by Foreigners


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Previously, the platform has talk about "Tito Karnavian, Mendagri Pertama dari Kepolisian", "Making a Passport for Umrah No Longer Requires Recommendation from the Ministry of Religion", you may read also "Real Strange Case, Man Desperate to Marry His Wife's Affair" and on this occasion we will discuss about 'Cases of Possession of Fake ID Cards and Family Cards in Bali by Foreigners'.

A Ukrainian citizen with the initials RK (37) had to accept the harsh reality after being named a suspect due to a case of possessing an Indonesian identity card (KTP) and family card (KK) in Bali. The man who is known to have visited Indonesia to avoid war in his home country faces up to six years in prison. The Head of Public Relations of the Bali Police, Kombes Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto, said that the Ukrainian citizen was detained in the Bali Police Headquarters cell. "Subdit 4 of the Bali Police Ditreskrimum has arrested the suspect RK, a Ukrainian citizen, regarding LP/107/III/2023/SPKT Bali Police dated March 1, 2023 regarding making and using documents or KTPs that were allegedly fake," said Satake, Tuesday (14/3/2023).[1]

Satake said that a foreigner who has a fake Indonesian KTP with the name Alexander Nur Rudi is suspected of Article 263 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code and carries a maximum prison sentence of 6 years. Satake added that investigators are currently still collecting evidence to establish a Syrian citizen with the initials MZN (31), who is also involved in a similar case. "While there is only one (suspect), one (Syrian citizen) is still coordinating with the Bank and Immigration regarding BB (Evidence)," he said. Previously, the Bali Ministry of Law and Human Rights (HAM) arrested a Syrian citizen with the initials MZN (31) and a Ukrainian citizen with the initials RK (37) for possessing Indonesian identity cards and family cards.[2]

In this case, it turned out that MZN was looking for services for making ID cards and family cards on the internet. A resident named Wayan, who was suspected of being a broker, admitted that he could help this foreigner arrange for an ID card worth IDR 15 million. MZN needs an Indonesian identity to do business in Bali. In this fake KTP, he used the name Agung Nizar Santoso, born in Bandung, West Java. In 2015, MZN went to Indonesia with a social visit visa with a validity period of 14 days. He used this visa to study architecture as well as look for investment opportunities.[3]

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian citizen with the initials RK (37), bought an Indonesian National Identity Card (KTP) and Family Card (KK) for IDR 31 million. He was determined to buy the Indonesian citizen's KTP to settle in Bali without the need to extend his residence permit. He admitted that he came to Bali to avoid the war that was happening in his hometown.[4] And if you have any legal issue in Indonesia territory, contact us then, feel free in 24 hour, we will be happy to assist you. 

*) For further information please contact:
Mahmud Kusuma Advocate
Law Office
Jakarta - Indonesia.

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