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How To Married Indonesian Women Legally?


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Previously, the platform has discussed about "Strategies for Filing Divorce Lawsuits for Foreigners And Migrant Workers", and on this occasion will be discussed about How To Married Indonesian Women Legally?

The Natural Beauty of Indonesian Women

Many facts about the world of Indonesian women that attract the attention of the world. For example, about the natural beauty of Indonesian women. The following are beautiful facts of Indonesian women that should make them proud to be Indonesian.[1]

Firstly, Indonesian women are polite. It is no secret that women from Indonesia are friendly and polite women. Even many foreigners who come to Indonesia will feel comfortable. The comfort that comes from the warm welcome of their smiles and manners. Secondly, Indonesian women are persistent and smart. Not only beautiful, Indonesian women are also known as smart and persistent figures. Now many Indonesian women are entering influential figures in the world. This proves that Indonesian women do not only rely on beauty.

Thirdly, Loving Local Culture. It's no secret that Indonesia has a lot of cool and incredibly unique local culture. The culture varies from every region in Indonesia. This culture must be preserved as part of maintaining cultural wisdom. This is where the role of Indonesian women is so important. Many Indonesian women have become ambassadors to maintain and introduce local culture. Not only in the country, but also in the world. They love the local culture with all their heart.

Fourthly, Indonesian women are independent. The beauty of Indonesian women is increasingly shines bright because they are independent figures. They are usually self-sufficient, committed, loyal and responsible. Therefore, Indonesian women are very good and even special in the world. Fifth, Indonesian Women Are Full of Care. Indonesian women are well-known for their easy to care for others. If there are friends or relatives who experience misfortune, they immediately step in to help. They feel that each other is a brother and should help each other.

Sixth, Sociable And Religious. Associating with women and Indonesian civilization will leave many memories. How come? Indonesian women's lives are filled with intimacy with one another. They are known to be sociable and easy to get along with anyone. One more thing that attracts Indonesian women's beauty so that it is recognized by the world is their religious figure. Indonesia is a religious country. So it's not surprising that the residents are devout adherents of a religion. 

Seventh, Have an Ideal Skin Tone. Generally, people from other countries are jealous of the skin color of Indonesian women. They consider the skin of Indonesian women ideal and natural 'exotic'. To get such skin, Caucasians are often willing to sunbathe for hours. However, it seems that most Indonesian women prefer to have white skin like Caucasians. Something ironic. In fact, as an Indonesian woman, we should be grateful to have the skin color that many Caucasians want. Maybe there are other personal characteristics that make you love Indonesian women? Please add it yourself.

Above have mentioned the qualities that make Indonesian women beautiful in the eyes of the world. However, if the author may have an opinion, some of the characteristics that are dominant regarding  the beauty of Indonesian women is because 'exotic', they are also love to smile, smart and caring. So will you marry her and live with her for the rest of your life? If your answer is yes, then you should read this article to the end.

How To Married Indonesian Women Legally?

This article has a legal assumption that the prospective groom is a foreign citizen, while the prospective bride is an Indonesian citizen, and will marry in Indonesia, this means that the law that will regulate is the marriage law in Indonesia. 

It should be noted first, a marriage in Indonesia is something sacred. This is in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 of Law Number: 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage which stipulates that marriage is an inner and outer bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife with the aim of forming a happy and eternal family (household) based on the One Godhead. This means, when marrying your Indonesian partner, do it sincerely and full of awareness.

Regarding marriage in Indonesia, it is regulated in Law Number: 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage. The most basic rule is in Article 2 of the Law, which reads: 
  1. Marriage is legal if it is carried out according to the law of each religion and belief;
  2. Each marriage is recorded according to the applicable laws and regulations.
Same Religion and Belief

From the sound of Article 2 paragraph 1 of Law Number: 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage above, it is regulated that the most basic requirements for a valid marriage in Indonesia are the same religion and belief. In addition, make sure that your marriage is registered by the competent state institution. These are the two basic rules of marriage in Indonesia, namely the same religion and belief as well as being registered by the competent state institution. Very easy isn't it?

There are five recognized religions in Indonesia, first is Islam as the majority religion, then there is Catholic & Protestant Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and finally Confucianism. This means, if you are a foreigner who wants to marry an Indonesian woman and the marriage is carried out according to Indonesian law, and your spouse is in a different religion, then one partner must follow the other's religion. The technical procedure for embracing a religion is regulated according to each religion. In Christianity, for example, baptism is performed. In Islam for example, taking bai'at/initiation.

Registered By The Competent State Institution

The obligation to register your marriage is regulated in Article 2 paragraph (2) of Law Number: 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage. By registering your marriage to the competent state institution, it means that the marriage that you do according to your religion and belief has been legally recognized. As a sign of state recognition of your marriage, then the state will issue a Marriage Certificate as authentic evidence. For Muslim couples, the Marriage Certificate or 'Buku Nikah' is issued by the Office of Religious Affairs. As for non-Muslim couples, the Marriage Certificate is issued by the local Civil Registry Office. 

Legally, the Marriage Certificate is proof of your marriage. This marriage certificate then becomes the legal basis for the consequences of marriage. For example, it is related to the matter of the child later. Or related to joint property generated during the marriage. Or related to the issue of inheritance for his/her descendants. Or even when you file for divorce in the court. 

In addition, what is no less important, if between you and your partner from different countries is a matter of citizenship. Whether later the nationality of the future husband, the citizenship of your wife, and the citizenship of your children. 

In addition to the basic provisions of marriage above, there are also separate rules for each religion and belief. And of course it will not be discussed on this occasion. If you have difficulty getting married in Indonesia, contact us, we will be happy to help you. 

*) For further information please contact:
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Jakarta - Indonesia.


1. "Kecantikan Wanita Indonesia yang Diakui Dunia",, Diakses pada tanggal 3 Oktober 2021,
2. Law Number: 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage. 

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