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Strange Divorce Case Because of Coffee


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Previously, the platform has talk about "Not Paying 3 Months' Rent, Man Allegedly Locked by Apartment Owner Until He Starved to Death", "How to submit a divorce lawsuit in Indonesia", you may read also "Another Unique Case, Judge Marrying Divorce Plaintiff Becomes Second Wife" and on this occasion we will discuss about 'Strange Divorce Case Because of Coffee'.

The first coffee shop was founded in Istanbul, the capital of Turkiye in the era of the Ottoman Empire in 1554. Coffee shops then began to open one by one in every region of the empire. Each shop also has a different concept, for example porter coffee shop, artisan coffee shop, janisari coffee shop, and tulumbac coffee shop. Increasingly, these shops are not just places to drink coffee. Coffee shops are also places where people gather and socialize, discussing various things, including political matters.[1]

When coffee shops developed in the Turkiye region, only men could go and drink in coffee shops. Women could only drink coffee at home or in the bathhouse. To get coffee, wives depend on gifts from their husbands. Therefore, a wife who is not satisfied with her husband's gift of coffee can divorce her partner according to legal regulations.[2]

The Ottoman Empire issued a regulation stating that men could consume coffee. However, if a husband does not bring enough coffee to his house, then his wife has the right to sue him.[3] And if you have any legal issue in Indonesia territory, contact us then, feel free in 24 hour, we will be glad to assist you. 

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