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A Murder Revealed Thanks to a Shark


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This is the true story of a murder case that was revealed thanks to a tiger shark. This story happened in Australia in 1935 ago. What's the story like? Sharks are known as the top predators in the ocean. Shark attacks are also a scourge for tourists. Most recently, a Russian foreigner was killed by a shark in Egypt. But did the traveler know that sharks can also reveal a murder case? Collected by detikTravel from several sources, Wednesday (14/6/2023) in 1935, a fisherman in Sydney, Australia managed to catch a tiger shark or Tiger Shark.[1]

The tiger shark was then transported to be displayed in an aquarium in the city of Sydney. Less than a week in the aquarium, the tiger shark looks sick. In front of the visitors, suddenly the shark spews out pieces of a human body, in the form of a left hand and part of an arm with a distinctive tattoo. Of course the scene made the aquarium visitors hysterical. Pieces of human hands floating in the aquarium were also reported to the Sydney Police. They were quick and immediately conducted an investigation.[2]

From the examination of fingerprints, it was found that the victim owned the left hand named James 'Jim' Smith, a former boxer and recidivist who was often in and out of jail. Jim was reported missing since April 7, 1935. From the police's examination, it was found that the severed left hand was not bitten by the tiger shark, but had been cut off on purpose. That was evident from the cut caused by the knife on the severed hand. The police then conducted an intense investigation. As a result, they suspect a successful businessman named Reginald William Lloyd Holmes as the perpetrator of Jim's murder. Holmes is also known as a conman and skilled smuggler who also runs a shipbuilding business.[3]

Jim was last seen drinking and playing cards with Brady at the Cecil hotel in Cronulla, a south Sydney suburb on 7 April 1935, the day he disappeared. Before disappearing, Jim told his wife he was going fishing. Brady himself rented a small cottage on Talombi Street, Cronulla at the time Jim disappeared. The police accuse Brady of killing Jim at this cottage. However, despite a thorough examination, Jim's remains were never found. Brady was finally arrested on May 16, 1935 and charged with Smith's murder. Initially, Holmes denied any relationship with Brady. However, four days later, on May 20, 1935, the businessman went to his boathouse and attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head with a .32 caliber pistol. However, the suicide attempt failed because the bullet actually hit his forehead bone.[4]

Holmes finally agreed to cooperate with the police. He testified that Brady had killed Jim, dismembered his body, stuffed it in the trunk, and then thrown it into the ocean of Gunnamatta Bay. It was one of Jim's body parts that was eventually eaten by the tiger shark and then vomited up, thus successfully solving this murder case.[5] And if you have any legal issue in Indonesia territory, contact us then, feel free in 24 hour, we will be happy to assist you. 

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