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Woman Seeks Divorce Because Husband Walks Around House In Underwear


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Previously, the Hukumindo.com platform has talk about "Legal Aspects of Technology Transfer in Indonesia" read also "How To Legally Adopt a Child in Indonesia?" and on this occasion we will discuss about Woman Seeks Divorce Because Husband Walks Around House In Underwear. This article is entirely taken from: malaysia.news.yahoo.com., entitled: 'Egyptian woman seeks divorce two months into marriage because husband walks around house in underwear', link as reference below.

An Egyptian woman is seeking divorce after two months of marriage because her husband has been walking around their home in his underwear.

Gulf News reported that the woman had asked her husband to understand her feelings and ‘uphold his dignity’ but he refused to listen.

I kept asking him that I need more time to get used to him in his underwear and to overcome my shyness, but to no avail.”

Her husband, however, told her that since he is in his own home, he can be comfortable and that means wearing minimum clothes.

The couple then reached a compromise where the husband told the wife to head to her parents’ house for some time to rethink and decide their decisions.

I went to my family’s house waiting for him to call or ask about me, but he never did".

His carelessness about my feelings prompted me to file a divorce case with the family court,” she added.

The case is still under consideration by the court. And if you have any issue with this topic, contact us, feel free in 24 hours, we will be glad to help you.

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